How to accept payments in Bitcoin (BTC)


  1. Install and activate the Cryptocurrency All-in-One plugin on your WordPress site
  2. Follow the setup instructions to accept payments:

Open the plugin settings and under “Payment settings” fill in your BTC wallet addresses to receive payments and an email for receiving payment notifications.
The plugin does not store your wallet’s private keys. It uses one of the addresses from the provided list for every payment, by rotating all addresses and starting over from the first one. The different addresses are used to idenfiry if a specific payment has been made. You must provide enough addresses – more than the number of payments you will receive a day.
Add a shortcode to the text of the pages or posts where you want to accept payments (typically these pages would contain a product or service that you are offering). The amount may be in BTC (default) or in fiat currency which will be converted it to BTC – USD, EUR, etc.
Exapmle shortcodes:

Check out the live payment demo


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