Calculators and Tools

A collection of online calculators that will help you to make decisions about your credits, loans, investments and purchases. Each of the calculators will help you make specific financial decision – taking a loan, refinancing a loan,  buying a car, making a bank deposit, making an investment, developing your business, etc.

Future Salary Calculator

Calculate how much you will earn from your current job in a few years, based on the expected salary increase.

Car Purchase Calculator

This online buy car calculator will help you calculate how much you can spend on a car based on your income.

Loan Payments Calculator

Calculate how much you will pay every month for a loan.

Maximum Mortgage Loan Calculator

Calculate the maximum mortgage that can you afford with your current monthly savings and test with different periods.

Small Business Loan Calculator

If you own a small business, then this online credit calculator will help you estimate the amount of the business loan that you could qualify for.

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