Earning Crypto on Coinbase

Earning Crypto on Coinbase and 1729

The crypto world has exploded in 2021, and even though we’re in a bit of a cool down period at the moment, a lot of venture capitalists, professional investors and technologists are bullish on a number of cryptos on the market. With this enthusiasm a few services have popped up to educate people on crypto and also to help them get their foot in the door.

Coinbase acquired Earn/21 a site that paid users to receive email, which now pays people to learn about crypto.Whilst 1729 a service set up by Balaji Srinivasan one of the key members at Earn/21 pays people in ETH or BTC to explain crypto or write basic code in new blockchain languages.

How does Coinbase’s Earn feature work?

It’s basic enough, you go to coinbase/earn and sign in or sign up for an account.  On the earn page you’re presented with a number of videos to watch about different cryptos. All you need to do is watch the videos and answer some questions about the crypto and what it does. It takes between 5-10mins per video. Although honestly you can easily power through faster if you have some basic knowledge on crypto. You’re paid in the crypto, around $3-10 worth in various cryptos, you learnt about. Currently they have courses on Stellar (XLM), The Graph (GRT), Amp (AMP) and BarnBridge (BOND). They are always adding new courses so check back in and keep earning that free crypto. Any crypto you earn is held automatically in your coinbase wallet but can be sold and transferred to your home currency anytime.

How does 1729 work?

1729 is a email newsletter that sends tasks to users where they can earn ETH or BTC. The tasks range from book reviews, learning coding languages like Replit or Solidity or even for making video memes. The prizes vary from $10-$3000 in BTC and ETH. It’s simple to get started you just need to sign up for their newsletter and then respond to any of the challenges that tickle your fancy.

Both services are really exciting, encouraging people to learn more about crypto and getting paid for doing the work.

Author – Alex Beck is the founder of Clarafinds.com a fintech comparison site to help people find and compare the best new finance products.

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