Exodus-where art meet engineering

Exodus-where art meet engineering

Have you ever heard about Exodus? If you are not maybe you need to get some history classes, but not right now. Relax, I am not going to lead swarm of people in the desert or talk about heavy metal, actually I am going to talk about something hot in the world of crypto currencies that rocks. This article is based on my user experience exclusively. It includes personal attitude built on more than two years usage of different crypto currency wallets. Without further ado, please meet Exodus.

What is Exodus actually?





Exodus is a desktop software to secure, manage and trade blockchain asset. It is created by duo of JP Richardson and Daniel Castagnoli. JP is the guy behind the code and with clean conscience I can say Daniel is a “plastic surgeon” who changes my conception about how one crypto currency wallet must look. I found the wallet most friendly and so neat that even my grandma can hanlde it. With no doubt behind the scene of Exodus there are a vision, careful planing and synchronized work. Add the easy installation process, small size, the possibility to store multiple assets and your qts looks like a pterodactyles. Directly on the question: “What I like on Exodus?”. For the first time I saw a wallet where I have a detailed




Like a holder and investor for me statistic is very important. As you can see you can store your Bitcoins, Dash, Dogecoins, Ethereum and Litecoins (Monero and Factom are not available yet) and in the same time to know exactly the value of your holdings in fiat currency. Also using the provided information you can plan your next investment. According to Exodus guys in the future there will be some great improvments on Portfolio and (that I think is awesome) a possibility to add your asset in the wallet using plugin system. On this early stage wallet will support only assets with high liquidity, located in top 20 of CoinmarketCap list. The other amazing feature is

Exchange Option



Exodus responds directly to Shape Shif. The magic place where you can exchange everything about everything, unlike the exchangers where you have fixed trading pairs. So if you want Dash for Ethereum – no problem. After a careful research and a little investigation I found an important part of the puzzle that can bring Apocalipse to the centralised exchanges and guess what it is possible to come from Exodus.

Doom for Centralization

Centralized exchanges are classic denial to the principles of  privacy and anonymity and a target of well organized attacks. Nothing is safe there – from your personality to your fortune. Еxodus has a plan to implement a possibility to executes limit orders . Simple Example: I want to buy 10 ETH on a price of 0.0078 BTC for single unit. If the price is higher than my order stays open. This is a huge step forward and sounds like: “Sorry, what was Poloniex”!


I can talk more about Exodus, but I think it is enough. For more information you can visit the official website (By the way: “Give it a try”)


or watch this video :

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  1. Not good for small btc amounts. Always sendt btc with highest priority. There is no way to adjust the fees of transactions.

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