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Halloween (HALLO) Coin Started Trade on YoBit

Last night a new cryptocurrency was announced on YoBit – Halloween (abbreviated HALLO). It started at 0.00001000 BTC for 1 HALLO and at a moment dropped to 0.00000010 BTC. The current price is 0.00000010-0.00000020 BTC. For the first few hours the trading volume is 1.12 BTC. With this low volume anything could be expected for the price in the future. but certainly not a skyrocket levels.

Click to check out the exchange on YoBit.

Main advantage of the coin is wallet for windows and linux and a clear roadmap. Main drawbacks are massive supply and lame marketing materials. Here is more info about it and their “official” video:

  • Coin name: Halloween
  • Ticker: HALLO
  • Supply :1500000000
  • Premine: 10%
  • PoW algo: X11
  • block time: 30sec
  • Last PoW :5184000 (5 years of mining)
  • Maturity :30
  • Confirmation :10
  • Coinage :2hrs
  • Coin age max :unlimited
  • Pos intrest :10%



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