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How Advantageous A Mobile Banking For Consumers And Banks?

What benefits do customers and banks get from Mobile Banking?

For clients, Mobile Banking is a service that makes it possible to perform card transactions without visiting the Bank’s office. For a bank card holder, Mobile Bank is much more convenient than the classic forms of contacts with banking institutions, which now most often occur by phone with contact center operators or require a personal presence at the Bank.

The mobile bank has several obvious advantages over the classic “offline” methods of performing transactions with its accounts – both for the client and for the bank itself.

Advantages of a Mobile Banking

The main advantage of the Mobile Bank for clients is its comfortable use and saving time because a mobile device is always at hand, which means that it is quite natural to want to use it as a payment instrument. For the bank, mobile banking is an important tool for attracting new customers, including those from high-income customer segments. The mobile bank allows the client to use a bank card more often to pay for a wide variety of services with little or no risk.

It is worth mentioning the advantages, the Mobile Bank opens a direct channel for the bank to deliver information to the client about various events and services of the bank, bringing the work of informing and targeting clients to a qualitatively high level.

Differences Between Online Banking and Mobile Banking

Of course, there will be those who disagree with this position, they say all this is in the online bank – why do we need extra functionality? The main difference is that a mobile phone, unlike a computer or laptop, is always nearby. Already today, mobile technologies have reached a new level, and a modern smartphone can easily replace a computer, which means that you can use the Mobile Bank anywhere and when it is convenient. It can even be said that the Internet direction in remote customer service systems is giving way to the Mobile Bank largely due to technical progress.

In addition, there are fundamental differences in user behavior when controlling a stationary computer and a smartphone: for example, it has been noticed that when a client works in an online bank, his attention becomes scattered, he is distracted by many other objects that appear on the monitor – this is a feature of the Internet. – communications. The mobile phone, on the other hand, stimulates an extremely high degree of concentration. Consequently, a client using the Mobile Bank operates more efficiently.

In addition, the operating systems of modern smartphones are less susceptible to attacks from unscrupulous “hackers”.

Why, despite the obvious advantages, is the Mobile Bank poorly distributed among the population? The main reason is that many domestic banks still provide their clients with reduced functionality.

There is also a need to solve some information security problems, for which it is planned to introduce the latest technological developments in this industry, in particular, scanning the face of the owner of a smartphone, his fingerprints, voice recognition functions, etc.

All this, of course, requires significant time and financial investments. In addition, it assumes that customers use the latest mobile devices that support these technologies.

You can make a wire transfer over the phone using mobile banking. If you want to make a wire transfer whether it’s domestic or international you need a routing number in order to complete a wire transfer. While making a wire transfer you must provide a piece of information about your bank account and the account you want to send cash to.

For instance, you have a bank account in the Bank of America and you need to make a wire transfer. Then you’ll need the bank of america routing number

Why do customers use Mobile Banking?

However, looking back and analyzing the course of technical progress over the past decade, it can be assumed that in the near future the use of mobile communications will significantly press the use of stationary computers that has become so customary. There are all the prerequisites to assert that the Mobile Bank will receive the widest recognition and will be included in the number of everyday banking services.

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