Poloniex took their lenders bitcoin

Poloniex scam alert

The crypto excange Poloniex.com scammed their users and took their Bitcoin. Poloniex scammers have stolen 1800 BTC (which is 20,5 Mln. USD) from their lenders on June 6th 2019.

Poloniex took their lenders bitcoin

Two months later, Poloniex do not intend giving their users’ money back. Instead they promise them free fees until they get their money back. How can someone get back 1 BTC only in fees?

Some users are already teaming up at bitcointalk forum for a social media campaign against https://poloniex.com/. This would look scary, if Poloniex shady reputation could be damaged more. But It seems they are at the very bottom.

The team of Circle, the mother company of Poloniex has already lost 6 key employees this month indicating their decline. All of the above negative signals warn customers to keep their Bitcoin away from Poloniex.

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