The Gold Bug – Read on Blockchain

You will read this post directly from the Ethereum blockchain by using the BlockChi reader. It consists of multiple transactions which BlockChi reader will interpret as a single document. Ethereum limits the amount of data stored in a single transaction, but BlockChi overcomes this by splitting the payload into multiple transactions.

Reading data from blockchain network at address 0xc0db25e277df7711bda3266e143a0bc24edc0bf3dbde2d295b7c9f70983d1177,0x35e46a6ad829473000a00511cd17c1f599176688afc3cd83d9fad8d050140046,0x52125be5a250a3a6caa6622438e274cce61998bd38ba23b348354e5dfd9cecba,0xcb4097f6a4e76daf6b75c9351d14747cbc9b2f251ee373775e290a6aaa04983d,0x62eb9f0ff17e69748da0e71185666e9e812ada0cc0905f048ab6b1003b2da546. Please wait...

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